FantasyDraftStar 6 Degrees of Referral Program

When we created the FantasyDraftStar referral program we wanted to build something that was unique, groundbreaking and unmatched in the daily fantasy sports industry. With that in mind we built the industries only tiered pay-for-play referral program, we call it FantasyDraft's 6 Degrees of Pay

What can 6 Degrees of Pay do for you?

Refer your friends to Fantasy Draft and make cash EVERY time they play. That in itself is not a new concept, here is where we separate ourselves from the pack. Not only will we pay you for the players you refer but we will also pay you for the players they refer and so on 5 times removed.


Player and Affiliate Bonus Contests

As a member of FantasyDraftStar you will not only receive all of the incredible winnings and payments from Fantasy Draft, but you will also be eligible to win bonus contests that we will have for FantasyDraftStar players and affiliates only. This means that you will only be competing against other players and affiliates who have signed up directly through this site, and no one else.  We will be giving away bonus cash, gear, electronics, vacations, and so much more!


Exclusive Promotional and Marketing Tools

We are going to provide our players and affiliates with a variety of tools including websites just like this one, domains, online brochures to send friends who may be interested, access to a variety of poker, sports, and other gaming databases that we have built over the years, and so much more!


Why Sign up with FantasyDraftStar?

When you sign up with FantasyDraftStar you are guaranteeing yourself the highest and most exclusive player and affiliate rewards in the industry! Our team has been one of the largest online poker affiliates for over 12 years, which is the reason we have access to such incredible affiliate deals. The key to the affiliate business is building a happy client base, which is why we are going to do everything in our power to make both our players and affiliates successful.  When our players and affiliates are making money, that means we are making money!  So, let our team who has generated well over $100 million in affiliate revenue help you to be as successful as possible!  Sign up today!

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Check out all of the incredible benefits you will receive when signing up with the FantasyDraftStar team...


Now that you have seen some of the things that we have to offer, all you have to do is scroll back up to the top and if you have not already done so, please begin the Sign Up process and get $10 of FREE FANTASY CASH on us by "clicking" on the Activate Now button.

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To play, you must be 18 years or older (19 or older in Alabama and Nebraska), reside in United States, the District of Columbia, or Canada and agree to Terms of Use. Unfortunately if you are a resident of or are located in one of the states where play may be restricted by your state legislature (currently Nevada, Florida, Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, and Washington state), you may not deposit money and you may not play in any game where a prize is awarded.

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